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Since 1994, Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd aims to promote and enrich the music scene in Singapore and regionally by organizing International Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses and Seminars.

We also provide Guitarists, Pianists, Strings Quartet, etc. for performance, functions and different genres of musical entertainment.


About Us

Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd was set up in 1994 by Thomas Liauw, a renowned guitarist and teacher. The aim of Tomas Music is to establish Singapore as a regional guitar and music hub. Over the years, we have organized many concerts, recitals and performances for world-class guitarists like Manuel Barrueco, Kazuhito Yamashita, Flavio Cucchi, David Russell and I Solisti Veneti, John Williams and friends, just to name a few.

As music lovers ourselves, we enjoy gathering like-minded guitarists and musicians for exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas. In 2000, we organized our flagship event and the annual International Guitar Festival that attracted guitarists from all corners of the world. To date, we have also organized Singapore's very first International Acoustic Guitar Festival and the 12th editions of the International Guitar Festival as well as the 7th International Guitar Competition. Apart from guitar-centered events, we have organized concerts for musicians of other instruments like violinist Uto Ughi, Flautist Andrea Griminelli, Pianist Richard Dowling, and Tango 2000. We will continue to organize various events to gather reowned performing artistes to showcase their talents and conduct masterclasses/seminars to encourage the art of music in this region. 

In addition to organizing events, we also provide musicians for individual and private functions, this includes Guitarists, Pianists, String Quartets, Vocalists, Latino & Popular Bands, etc. Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd also render consultation services for all forms and genres of music. 


Thomas Liauw